All Stars Leadership Team

Gabrielle L. Kurlander, President and Chief Executive Officer


All Stars Project Senior Leadership Team

Christopher H. Street, Senior Vice President / Chief Development and Operations Officer

Jeannine Hahn, Senior Vice President / Chief Finance and Human Resource Officer

Pamela A. Lewis, Vice President / Youth Programs, Center of Youth Program Expertise

Bonny Gildin, Ph.D., Vice President / Afterschool Development, Policy and Research and Senior Development Officer

Diane Stiles, Vice President / All Stars Project of New York Programs

Lenora Fulani, Ph.D., Co-founder, Director, Operation Conversation: Cops and Kids, Dean, UX


ASP of New York

Diane Stiles, Vice President / All Stars Project of New York Programs

Dan Friedman, Ph.D., Artistic Director, Castillo Theatre, Youth OnStage!


ASP of New Jersey

Christopher H. Street, Director

Gloria Strickland, City Leader

James Y. Horton. M.Ed., Managing Director, Scott Flamm Center for Afterschool Development

Kathy Fiess, Associate Director


ASP of Chicago

Julie Lenner, Director

David Cherry, City Leader

ASP of the San Francisco Bay Area

Joyce Dattner, Director

Elouise Joseph, M.D., Program Director


ASP of Dallas

Betsi Pendry, Director

Antoine Joyce, Senior Program Manager / Development Officer


ASP of Bridgeport

Pamela A. Lewis, Director

UX, the newest initiative of the All Stars Project, is a school of continuing development. It's free, open to people of all ages and educational backgrounds, has no grades and uses New York City as its campus. UX holds lectures, classes and workshops, and takes field trips to cultural, political, business, and educational institutions. Join us! MORE INFORMATION.




Operation Conversation: Cops & Kids