All Stars Leadership Bios

David Cherry

City Leader, All Stars Project of Chicago 

Born in Harlem, David Cherry grew up in the South Bronx just a couple of blocks from the once-infamous Charlotte Street neighborhood, which became a national symbol for the poverty and devastation of America's inner cities in the 1970s.  For more than 20 years, Mr. Cherry, a highly skilled and dedicated community organizer and activist, helped diverse communities develop around issues of democracy, social justice and inclusion.  Prior to joining the All Stars Project, Mr. Cherry worked for Pitney Bowes and was office services supervisor for the Chicago law firm, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, LLP.   

Mr. Cherry's extensive and first-hand knowledge of the social issues in the poor African-American community, particularly those confronting inner-city youth, has been invaluable in his work to replicate the All Stars youth development model in Chicago.  Since 2007, he has led the effort in Chicago and has successfully implemented two of its leading programs:  the All Stars Talent Show Network and the Development School for Youth.  As City Leader of the All Stars Project of Chicago, Mr. Cherry has worked tirelessly to build the All Star Project's trademark partnership between business professionals and inner-city youth - a key to the growth of the Development School for Youth, and all of our programs in America's third largest city.   


Joyce Dattner

Director, All Stars Project of the San Francisco Bay Area

Joyce Dattner grew up in the Bronx, but has spent most of the last 30 years in the San Francisco Bay Area.  After leaving behind a teaching career in New York to search for more creative approaches to learning and development, Ms. Dattner has played a leading role in the creation of cultural, educational, and therapeutic programs concerned with human growth and development.  In addition to her work with the All Stars, Ms. Dattner is the director of the Life Performance Coaching Center, where she leads people from all walks of life in a performance-based approach to human development.   

Ms. Dattner launched All Stars Project programs in Oakland, California in 2002.  Since then, the All Stars Talent Show Network has produced dozens of auditions, performance workshops and talent shows and touched the lives of thousands of young people in Oakland and neighboring communities.  Ms. Dattner has worked to build a base of private funding sources in the San Francisco Bay Area, establishing close partnerships with business leaders, which has allowed the All Stars to expand programming to San Francisco in 2008 and to launch the Development School for Youth (DSY) in 2009.

As Director of the All Stars Project of the San Francisco Bay Area, Ms. Dattner's work has been featured in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Oakland Tribune, The Oakland Post and the Bay Area Women's Journal.  She has appeared on KTVU with Roy Avila on the community affairs program, Q&A.  In 2007, Ms. Dattner received the "In Harmony with Hope Award" from the Elfenworks Foundation, which honored her work to shine a light on domestic poverty. 


Dan Friedman, Ph.D.

Artistic Director, Castillo Theatre

Dan Friedman holds a doctorate in theatre history from the University of Wisconsin, and has been active in political, experimental and community-based theatre since the late 1960s, when he was a member of the pioneering New York Street Theatre Caravan.  Mr. Friedman went on to help found Madison Theatre-in-the-Park in Madison, Wisconsin, and later, the Theatre Collective and Workers' Stage in New York City.   

Dr. Friedman has taught theatre, public speaking and writing at Baruch College, Queensborough Community College, York College, and the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. He is the editor of The Cultural Politics of Heiner Müller (Cambridge Scholars Publishing, 2007), and Still on the Corner and Other Postmodern Political Plays by Fred Newman (Castillo International,1998), and co-editor, with Bruce McConachie, of Theatre for Working Class Audiences in the United States, 1830-1980 (Greenwood Press, 1985).  He writes frequently about political theatre in both the scholarly and popular press, most recently in The Drama Review, Modern Drama and Back Stage

Dr. Friedman helped to found the Castillo Theatre as a volunteer in 1984, where he has served as dramaturg.  He joined the staff in 2003 as the artistic director of Youth Onstage!, and in 2010 he succeeded Fred Newman as Artistic Director of the Castillo Theatre.  He is also currently the associate dean of UX in New York, and co-director of the All Stars Hip-Hop Cabaret and its ongoing hip-hop workshops. 

Dr. Friedman is a playwright who has written or co-written 15 plays including a number that have been produced by Castillo and Youth Onstage!  and he has directed at La MaMa E.T.C., the Nuyorican Poets Cafe and at a number of New York City colleges.  


Kathy Fiess

Associate Director, All Stars Project of New Jersey

Prior to joining ASP NJ, Ms. Fiess was the Director of Individual Giving at Fountain House, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with mental illness rebuild their lives.  Prior to that, she spent 10 years in executive search in financial services.  From 1993 - 1997, Ms. Fiess was the Director of Operations for the Somerset Community Action Program (SCAP), which ran Head Start and afterschool programs in Somerset, NJ and throughout the county.

Ms. Fiess has been actively involved in building the All Stars for over 20 years.  She helped lead the early grassroots fundraising efforts of the ASP, has been a key volunteer with the All Stars Talent Show Network in NYC, and had been on the National Board of Directors of the ASP.  She received her BA in Speech Pathology and Audiology from Montclair State University and an MA in Developmental Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University.


Lenora Fulani, Ph.D.

Co-founder, Director, Operation Conversation: Cops and Kids, Dean, UX

Dr. Lenora Fulani graduated from Hofstra University with a major in psychology, and pursued graduate studies in the field at Columbia University's Teachers College and the City University of New York, where she earned a Ph.D. in developmental psychology.  She worked as a guest researcher at Rockefeller University from 1973 -1977, specializing in the interplay of social environment and learning, with a particular focus on the Black community.  While she was at Rockefeller, she was introduced to the postmodern psychology movement and the work of Lois Holzman, Ph. D. and Fred Newman, Ph.D. 

Dr. Fulani has long been active in creating change through political action.  She has twice run for president as an independent.  In l988 she became the first woman and first African American in U.S. history to appear as a presidential candidate on the ballot in all 50 states.  In 1994 she co-founded the Committee for a Unified Independent Party, a national strategy center for independent voters which currently has networks in more than 30 states.  She is a founder of the Independence Party of New York State.   

In 1981, she co-founded the All Stars Project with Dr. Fred Newman.  Over the years she has worked closely with corporate volunteers, CEOs and partners in Fortune 500 companies to build All Stars Project's innovative programs, including the Development School for Youth, which she co-directed from 1997 to 2006.  Dr. Fulani currenty serves as the dean of UX.

Dr. Fulani is the Director of Operation Conversation: Cops and Kids, a series of dialogues and performance-based workshops with police and inner-city youth to help them improve and develop their relationship.  She founded the program in 2006, and since then has held over 70 workshops involving over 1,500 police officers and inner-city youth.

Dr. Fulani has been a featured guest on countless TV and radio programs including Henry Louis Gates' PBS documentary, America Beyond the Color Line, Crossfire, Hardball, Fox News, Inside Politics, Larry King Show, Washington Journal, Tony Brown's Journal, BET's Nightly News and The McNeil-Lehrer Report.  Her social commentaries on a wide variety of topics have appeared in newspapers nationwide including: USA Today, The Christian Science Monitor, Washington Times, Boston Globe, Seattle Post-Intelligencer, New York's Newsday. 


Bonny L. Gildin, Ph.D.

Vice President / Afterschool Development Research and Policy

Throughout her 30-year career, Dr. Bonny Gildin has challenged traditional paradigms of learning and education and developed a deep intellectual and personal commitment to developmental afterschool programs.  She received her undergraduate degree from Grinnell College in Iowa and studied theoretical linguistics at Columbia University, earning a Ph.D. in 1986. While attending Columbia, she also taught at the State University of New York, Stony Brook and at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey. 

In 1987, Dr. Gildin left academia to serve as field director and national fundraising director for the Rainbow Lobby, a grassroots lobbying effort focused on issues of fair elections and democracy.  She was then director of annual giving and alumni relations for the New School, responsible for raising $1.4 million annually.   

Dr. Gildin is Vice President/Afterschool Development Research and Policy.  Over the last 16 years, she has raised more than $10 million for the All Stars Project and helped build broad support networks that include major corporate leaders and philanthropists.  She continues to direct fundraising for the ASP of New Jersey.

Dr. Gildin works closely with the All Stars Project president and CEO to advance the organization's afterschool and education policy initiatives. Dr. Gildin recently launched the Institute for Afterschool Development, which supports, promotes and helps advance cutting-edge approaches and best practices in afterschool for inner-city youth, as well as other creative innovations that are impacting poverty and its tragic consequences in America's urban communities.


Jeannine Hahn

Senior Vice President / Chief Finance and Human Resource Officer

Originally from Chicago, Jeannine Hahn has a bachelor's degree from the University of Iowa.   

Jeannine Hahn serves as the Senior Vice President/Chief Finance and Human Resource Officer and has overseen all financial and human resource operations for the All Stars Project since 1992.  

In the early 1990's, she also managed the All Stars Project's door-to-door canvas operation that produced over $800,000 annually and introduced thousands of donors to the organization.  This grassroots effort paved the way for All Stars' financial growth and stability.   

When the All Stars Project decided to purchase a 31,000 square foot facility on 42nd Street in Manhattan in 2002 and renovate it as a new center for youth development, Ms. Hahn's leadership to ensure financial stability before and after the project was critical.  In 2007, Ms. Hahn led a team to refinance All Stars Project's mortgage to enable a $6 million renovation of the building's façade and mechanical systems.  She was responsible for overseeing the construction project's budget and schedule.


James Y. Horton, M. Ed.

Director, National Operations

As of 2015, Jim Horton has served as Director of National Operations, a leadership position that is instrumental in facilitating the All Stars community-building approach in our six regional operations that are efficient and cost-effective and that realize the organization's vision for impact and growth.

Mr. Horton graduated from the University of Missouri-Columbia where he studied Child and Family Development and 1988 received a Masters in Counseling from Temple University. Mr. Horton worked as a preschool teacher in an early intervention program in North Philadelphia and became active in community organizing there, and later worked as the manager of a substance abuse program for Horizon House. After moving to New York in the early 90's, Mr. Horton worked at People Against Sexual Abuse in Brooklyn, managed a housing readiness program at the renowned Henry Street Settlement on Manhattan's Lower East Side and as senior trainer at the Child Welfare/Child Protective Services Training Institute in the SUNY-Research Foundation's Center for Development of Human Services (CDHS). In the child welfare field, Mr. Horton became known throughout New York State as one of the experts on training the casework assessment process designed to protect abused and neglected children.

Beginning in 1992, Mr. Horton's pro bono work with the All Stars Project included being part of the fundraising team and serving as the Castillo Theatre's Assistant Managing Director for 15 years. He served on the ASP Board of Directors from 2004 to 2011 and was a member of the Finance and Audit Committee. In 2011, Mr. Horton joined the staff of the All Stars Project of NJ as the Managing Director of the Scott Flamm Center for Afterschool Development, which opened in March of 2013. Mr. Horton leads the operations and production management for all areas of the NJ project.


Antoine Joyce

Senior Program Manager / Development Officer, All Stars Project of Dallas

Growing up in Bed-Stuy Brooklyn, New York City, Antoine Joyce first joined All Stars as a youth performer in 1991 and quickly became a talented youth leader.  After years of performing and conducting outreach to communities and schools as a volunteer, he joined the All Stars staff in 1997 and rose to the position of National Producer of the All Stars Talent Show Network.  He was instrumental in developing new All Stars programs in Newark and San Francisco/Oakland and fostering the development of affiliates in Boston, Atlanta, Los Angeles and Amsterdam. 

A gifted performer and public speaker, Antoine has also served as the emcee for ASP's national galas and has spoken at international conferences in Canada, Mexico and Vienna. In early 2004 Mr. Joyce co-created and co-directed the All Stars Hip-Hop Cabaret in 2004 and later founded a music management company which managed a 20-country tour for DJ Grandmaster Flash.  In 2008, he took the job as Development Officer and co-led a team of eight that raised $1.5 million for All Stars programs each year. With direct knowledge of how to implement the full suite of All Stars programs - and personal knowledge of how they can change lives - Antoine is the perfect complement to Ms. Pendry.


Elouise Joseph, M.D.

City Leader, All Stars Project of the San Francisco Bay Area

Dr. Elouise Joseph received her M.D. from Stanford University and her M.P.H. from the University of California, Berkeley, and then began a distinguished career as a pediatrician.  Born and raised in rural Louisiana with 11 brothers and sisters, Dr. Joseph is the mother of four and has devoted her personal and professional life to the physical, social and emotional development of children, teens and young adults. 

In 2002, Dr. Joseph helped bring the All Stars Talent Show Network to the San Francisco Bay Area.  Since then, the All Stars has produced dozens of auditions, performance workshops and talent shows and touched the lives of thousands of young people in Oakland and neighboring communities.  In 2008, Dr. Joseph expanded the All Stars Talent Show Network to the city of San Francisco, reaching out to the African American, Latino and Asian communities in Bayview/Hunters Point, Visitacion Valley, the Mission, and Richmond districts.  In the fall of 2009, she launched the Bay Area Development School for Youth (DSY) - the All Stars Project's leadership training program.   

As City Leader of the All Stars Project of the San Francisco Bay Area, Dr. Joseph's work has been featured in articles in The San Francisco Chronicle, The Oakland Tribune, The Oakland Post and HP Journal.  She has been interviewed by local radio and television broadcasters including Barbara Rogers, CBS5TV and KTSF (Chinese TV).  In 2005, Dr. Joseph was honored by the Santa Clara Medical Association for her outstanding community service. 


Julie Lenner 

Director, ASP of Chicago

Julie Lenner earned a B.A. in American studies from Wesleyan University and an M.S. in nonprofit management from the New School for Social Research.  For more than 20 years, Ms. Lenner has raised money for non-profit organizations, serving at the Rainbow Lobby, Bank Street College of Education, Visiting Nurse Service, and as director of a successful $150 million capital campaign at New York University's Stern School of Business.  In her position as director of development for the Illinois CPA Society, she implemented the first robust development program for the Society's philanthropic partner, the CPA Endowment Fund of Illinois.  

Ms. Lenner has been actively involved with All Stars Project since 1988, and from 1998-2008 she served as pro bono director of volunteer recruitment and training for All Stars Project of New York, doubling the number of All Stars volunteers.  Ms. Lenner developed and produced numerous initiatives including a volunteer recognition dinner and the first college summer internship program.  

Upon relocating in 2008 to Chicago, Ms. Lenner helped to build the new All Stars program there, and as the probono director of Volunteer Programs, recruited more than 200 volunteers.  Under her leadership, the program now has a vibrant volunteer community which produces dozens of youth program and community-building events annually, including an annual Bowl-a-thon which raised more than $10,000 in its inaugural year.  Ms. Lenner is the Director for the All Stars Project of Chicago, and is also applying her fundraising expertise to help expand All Stars Project of Chicago's base of financial supporters.   


Pamela A. Lewis

Vice President / Youth Programs, Center of Youth Program Expertise, Director, All Stars Project of Bridgeport

Pamela A. Lewis is an actress and vocalist, with a bachelor's degree in theatre arts from the University of Kansas.   

Ms. Lewis began volunteering with the All Stars Project in 1984 and joined the staff in 1992.  She is the Vice President/Youth Programs, Center of Youth Program Expertise and directs all youth programming for the All Stars Project nationally.

During her tenure as the director of the All Stars Talent Show Network, the program has expanded beyond New York City to Newark, the San Francisco Bay Area and Chicago.  She has trained the leadership of All Stars-inspired programs in Atlanta, Boston and Amsterdam.  Ms. Lewis has also led the effort to share the All Stars' approach with young people and adults from around the world.  In recent years, she has led teams of All Stars youth to conferences in Banff, Mexico City, Vienna, Santiago and Johannesburg.   

Ms. Lewis has been a member of the Castillo Theatre's acting ensemble in New York City since 1984, where she has appeared in scores of plays and musicals, including a one-woman country music show, Kansas on My Mind.  

Ms. Lewis appears in the WNYC-TV documentary "Heart of the City," hosted by John F. Kennedy, Jr.; WNBC-TV's "Four Stories" and "Positively Black"; CNN's "Evening News"; the PBS documentaries, America Beyond the Color Line, produced and hosted by Henry Louis Gates, Jr., and The Promise of Play, produced by the Institute for Play. 


Betsi Pendry, MPH

Director, All Stars Project of Dallas

Betsi Pendry has years of experience in organizing individuals and building developmental communities and her history with the All Stars goes back to its founding. In 1988 she began as a volunteer going door to door to help build the model for an independent financial base for the All Stars program in New York.  She also served on the ASP support staff, and as a dancer and performer, she was a founding member of the Castillo Theatre, ASP's independent theatre in New York City. After moving to South Africa in 1998, she worked on projects that partnered with the UN and others to slow the spread of HIV/AIDS, and founded and served as Director of the Living Together Institute, an organization that supported women to advocate for sexual, reproductive health and rights.

She founded the Democracy Begins in Conversation Project to develop young people as leaders in democracy and human rights efforts, using creative and performatory approaches.  She has co-founded several other organizations that work for democracy and human rights in the U.S. and Africa, has worked as an impassioned health and human rights advocate in Ecuador and Mexico and organized development conferences around the world. 

Ms. Pendry holds a Masters of Public Health from Columbia and has done post-graduate work at the East Side Institute for Short Term and Group Therapy in New York and the New York Institute for Theology.  She speaks English and Spanish and has strong fundraising and financial management skills to complement her leadership ability.  With her commitment to performance-based development, Ms. Pendry is perfectly suited to lead All Stars in its expansion into Dallas.


Diane Stiles

Vice President / All Stars Project of New York Programs

Ms. Stiles is a fine arts photographer who received her BFA in drawing from Pratt Institute.  Prior to coming to the All Stars Project, she held positions in the non-profit cultural world at the Pierpont Morgan Library, the Merce Cunningham Foundation, the College Board, and at Jack Morton Worldwide.

Applying her non-profit cultural experience to the experimental atmosphere of the All Stars Project, Ms. Stiles became the full-time managing director of the Castillo Theatre in the mid-1980s.  She now oversees all aspects of the All Stars' theatre operations, including production, fundraising, sales, calendar, budgeting and staffing.  Ms. Stiles has guided Castillo's growth as a leading political theatre in New York City, building relationships and collaborations with playwrights, theatre artists and companies such as Woodie King, Jr. and his New Federal Theatre, Desmond Richardson, Ntozake Shange, Ed Bullins, and the Negro Ensemble Company.  Under Ms. Stiles' leadership, Castillo has become an American home for Heiner Müller's work.  Ms. Stiles is executive producer of the Otto René Castillo Awards for Political Theatre, an annual event recognizing political artists and theatre companies around the world. 

Ms. Stiles also directs the All Stars' volunteer department; and in keeping with her wide-ranging interest in the arts, she curates the exhibit space at All Stars Project national headquarters on West 42nd Street.


Christopher H. Street

Senior Vice President / Chief Development and Operations Officer, Director, All Stars Project of New Jersey

Christopher H. Street grew up in New Canaan, CT and did his undergraduate studies at the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, and the London School of Economics, from which he received his bachelor's degree.  

Mr. Street is the Senior Vice President/Chief Development and Operations Officer He is responsible for all fundraising initiatives of the All Stars Project.  He works closely with the All Stars Project president and CEO as well as with members of the board of directors to create fundraising and marketing strategies for the organization.  Since joining the All Stars Project in 1995, he has developed and expanded the All Stars Project's unique fundraising operation by more than 300%.  Through a series of annual appeals and special events, the All Stars Project gains the support of over 5,000 individual and institutional donors each year.  The All Stars Project now raises over $9 million annually in private funding - 75% from individual donors and 25% from corporate and foundation donors.  Under Mr. Street's leadership, the All Stars Project achieved its two best fundraising years during the economic downturn in 2008-2009. 

Mr. Street leads staff development activities, manages sales initiatives, inputs on external affairs and conducts operation reviews to enhance program development and new business initiatives.  In 2006, Mr. Street created a summer internship program designed to promote philanthropy and volunteerism to high-performing college students from across the country. The Get Organized And Lead program (GOAL) involves hundreds of students in building the All Stars Project donor community, and exposes them to leaders in business and philanthropy. 

Mr. Street is also the Director, All Stars Project of New Jersey. In this role, he manages the planning and execution of programming, fundraising and operations at the Scott Flamm Center for Afterschool Development.


Gloria Strickland

City Leader, All Stars Project of New Jersey

Gloria Strickland received her masters degree in education with a major in developmental psychology from New York University. From 1988-1999, she served as executive director of the Somerset Community Action (SCAP) and the Somerset County Head Start in New Jersey. During her tenure at SCAP, she received numerous awards.  

Over the last twenty-five years she has been a key leader and builder of the All Stars Project and in 1999 founded the first expansion of the All Stars Project to another city. The program in Newark, New Jersey has since touched the lives of more than ten thousand young people. Under Strickland's leadership, the All Stars Project has become a New Jersey success story, reaching 2,000 poor youth annually and supported by more than 1,000 individuals and corporations. Strickland also helped to lead an expansion initiative that included the opening of the multi-million dollar, 9,000 square foot Scott Flamm Center for Afterschool Development in Newark.

In 2008, Strickland received the Minority Achievers Award from New Jersey's Community YMCA. Her work with Newark's youth has been featured in numerous articles in the Star-Ledger, on New Jersey Network, and in the NJ Biz, "Newark Rocks" Annual Supplement. Most recently, Strickland was featured in "Meet the Leaders" and "Neighborhood Journal" on Cablevision. In May, 2012, she was honored as a Distinguished Leader in Education by the Rutgers University Graduate School of Education.

She has also appeared as an actress in several productions with the All Stars Project's Castillo Theatre and presents at conferences around the country on topics relating to youth development.

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