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What is the Development School for Youth?

The Development School for Youth (DSY) is the All Stars Project's innovative outside-of-school leadership and business training program.  In partnership with businesses and caring corporate professionals DSY offers supplemental educational, social and internship experiences in a variety of workplace settings. This training prepares inner-city youth to enter the professional workforce, pursue educational opportunities and face challenges in new ways.

"DSY isn't a job placement program; rather we give inner-city youth the opportunity, necessary skills and resources that allow them to see what the world has to offer, in ways that they can see themselves in it and the extent to which they want to succeed."

-Gail Leibowitz, Chief Operating Officer, Milberg LLP


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Who is eligible to participate in DSY?

Each year more than 400 students between the ages of 16 and 21, from over 60 New York City, Newark, Chicago, Dallas, Bridgeport and San Francisco Bay Area high schools and colleges, graduate from DSY on the basis of their desire to be leaders. One of the program's outstanding features is the focus on ordinary young people who aren't expected to make it. DSY works with young people who are willing to invest in their future and demonstrate a commitment to the program.

"I thought that being in a professional football player would be my ticket away from the violence in my neighborhood, but the Development School for Youth helped me broaden my outlook and find out more about the business world. As a class we learned how to perform as professionals and young leaders and how to support each other. I like that the All Stars Project was looking for ordinary youth willing to take risk, and not just the best and the brightest."

- Jorge Romero, 2012 DSY Intern at Runa, Inc.


DSY Program Overview

During the fall and spring semester DSY's leadership training is organized as a series of weekly workshops led by senior executives from some of New York City's leading corporations and law firms. The executives partner with the program, introducing students to the worlds of finance, culture, communications and other leading industries. Students learn skills such as public speaking, how to dress for success, and how to write a resume.

Upon successfully completing the program, students are placed in a 6-week paid summer internships provided by sponsoring companies. The internship gives the students the opportunity to continue to develop their leadership and professional skills. It also provides young people with their first professional job experience and an opportunity to connect to and be a part of the world in ways they never have.

"The preparation that I got from DSY for my internship was vital. In a university, lecture-like setting, I learned from actual business leaders about how to perform in the business world. We had the opportunity to practice scenarios that happen in the work place. In my internship it was satisfying for me to see that what I was learning at the DSY could be put into practice. Conversational skills that I learned help me to build relationships with coworkers and opened new bridges for me to connect with people who I normally would not interact with. All students, especially minority students, should have the opportunity to experience this."

- Kerry Paul, 2011 Intern at MetLife


Lead 2014 DSY Internship Sponsors

American International Group, Inc.

Dun & Bradstreet

Ernst & Young LLP

JP Morgan Chase & Co.

MetLife Inc.

Tiffany & Co.

"Of all the projects that I have examined throughout this country, and believe me I've examined many, none, I repeat, none has better demonstrable results."

- Dr. Henry Louis Gates, Jr., Director for the W.E.B DuBois Institute for African and African American Research at Harvard University


DSY History

The Joseph A. Forgione Development School for Youth, named after the retired Merrill Lynch Managing Director and All Stars Board member, was founded in 1997 in New York City. In 1999 the All Star's Project expanded the DSY program to Newark, NJ, and in 2009 the program was launched in Chicago, IL and the San Francisco Bay Area, CA.  In 2015 DSY launched in All Stars newest cities, Bridgeport and Dallas. Across the country in all six All Stars cities, DSY placed a record 381 interns at 146 companies nationally.  


DSY News 

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