Action and Reaction: Moving with Science

  • All Stars Project, Inc. • New York, NY
  • 6:00PM

Event Details

What does it mean to be inhabiting space in the world? How do we, as people moving through life, experience, learn about, and supplement our knowledge of the world? What role does science play in our ever-moving, ever-changing lives? This class, led by physicist and ballet dancer Emma Shockley, will use an unconventional medium — movement — to explore these questions and delve into understanding concepts of physics. In the class, participants will use their bodies to expand their minds and gain a deeper understanding of the world we all inhabit. Science concepts to be explored: gravity, color, magnetism, energy, particles, Newton’s laws, relativity. No movement or science experience necessary. Wear clothing you can move in and bring a water bottle.


543 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, USA
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Elsa Dial

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