The Power of Development through Performance

Published by Christina DiChiara

The All Stars Project Harnesses the Power of Development through Performance

Special thanks to our partner First Republic Bank for featuring the All Stars Project in their annual brochure.

Check out their Q&A with All Stars CEO Gabrielle Kurlander on how Afterschool Development is making a difference in the lives of inner-city youth!

What drew you to the All Stars Project?

My background and training are in theater and performance. I was 19 and working as an actor in New York when I went to an All Stars Project event, and what drew me in was a combination of the use of performance and theater to help people move beyond their circumstances and create new lives. In 1990, after volunteering with them for a few years, I became their first employee. Since then, I’ve seen over and over what a difference All Stars makes in kids’ lives. Equally, it has changed the lives of business people and the affluent — they become more aware of all the issues that poverty produces. We’re looking to develop everybody and contribute to the solution together. It’s beautiful.

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