Using the power of performance, we help youth see new possibilities for themselves and their communities.
We bridge the 'development gap' that exists between poor and middle-class youth.
Afterschool Development programs provide a path from the margins to the mainstream of society.

Founded in 1981, All Stars Project (ASP) is a 501(c)3 national nonprofit that uses a performance based approach to help tens of thousands of inner-city youth and their families create success in their lives.

Our Mission

We transform the lives of youth and poor communities using the developmental power of performance, in partnership with caring adults.

Our Vision

To be recognized as America’s action and thought leader in Afterschool Development, a new way of engaging poverty.

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All Stars’ vision of engaging as many poor youth as possible wherever they reside is as expansive as the imagination of each and every child that participates in the program. —Khalil Gibran Muhammad, Ph.D.
Professor, Harvard Kennedy School

Our Impact

The All Stars Project has transformed countless lives since it began over 38 years ago. That's because our impact reaches far beyond the inner-city neighborhoods of the youth we're here to help.

Ask our volunteers, partners and donors how they first heard about us. Chances are, it was through a friend or colleague whose life was enriched by All Stars. We’re driven to help inner-city youth. But the transformative power of performance doesn’t stop with them. It affects everyone it touches.

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  • 6 cities nationwide.
  • 180 corporate partners.
  • 53,799 youth and community members reached annually.

Our Programs

We create free, outside of school programs for inner-city youth and their families, which help them to develop using performance as a tool on stage and in life. 

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  • Featured Program

    All Stars Talent Show Network

    In the All Stars Talent Show Network, young people perform in and produce hip-hop talent shows in their neighborhoods.

  • Featured Program

    Development School for Youth

    Young people learn to perform as professionals and they partner with business leaders who conduct development workshops and provide paid summer internships at their companies.

Every city in America should have an All Stars Project in their community. It takes courage to go places most Americans won’t go, to identify problems most people overlook. —Ras J. Baraka
Mayor, City of Newark

You can help

When you give a gift or your time, you give inner-city youth the tools they need to see new possibilities for their lives.


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