Our bold vision.

By 2020, we will be recognized as America’s thought and action leader in Afterschool Development, a new way of engaging poverty.

At the All Stars Project, we champion Afterschool Development. We believe afterschool is the best way to bring young people growing up in poor communities into the mainstream. They start to connect to opportunities, to the world of success, to the business community and all sorts of things that are very far from where they come from, sparking their desire to learn and grow.

At All Stars we are not involved in knowledge production. We are engaging development. We are offering development as a supplement to the education process. —Dr. Fred Newman
All Stars Project Co-founder

Afterschool Development as a new way of engaging poverty.

We are redefining what afterschool is and how to measure its success.  We have created an innovative approach to afterschool, which is distinct from school, and embraces development through performance, which enables youth to recreate their own lives with a new vision and new tools — which in turn can change our society.

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  • Integrity and trust.

  • Partnership with the poor.

  • Building community.

  • Radically inclusive.

  • Imagining possibility.

  • Improving the world.

Our Values

Help set the stage for a young person to grow.

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