Who we are.

Our mission.

Through the developmental power of performance we transform the lives of youth from poor and underserved communities in partnership with caring adults, giving everyone the opportunity to grow.


  • Privately funded.

    Our model of private funding guarantees innovative, cutting edge programs that work.

  • Building community.

    We’ve grown through a grassroots approach to building community.

  • Partnership, going beyond charity to growth.

    Everyone involved grows through creating something new together.

Our bold vision.

All Stars Project is on the forefront of building community by bridging racial, economic and social divisions to develop a caring 21st Century America.

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Our impact.

Each year, All Stars afterschool development programs involve tens of thousands of inner-city young people and adults from all walks of life in transforming their lives and communities.

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10,000 youth and community
members reached annually

Our partners.

Today, over 200 companies across the country, including RBC Capital Markets, Paramount Global, EY, Gilead Sciences, Aon, CBRE, JPMorgan, and KPMG are participating in our involvement philanthropy model of partnership through our Afterschool Development programs, giving millions of hours of personal time to share their lives, expertise, and workplaces with some of our nation’s most marginalized young people.

All Stars milestones.

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