Exploring Social Relations & Human Conflict through Performance

The Performance Lab works with theatre artists and organizations across the country to produce and support cultural events and bridge-building activities that explore human conflict and social relations through the lens of performance—both on the stage and in life. Increasingly recognized as a powerful engine of development, performance is at the heart of the All Stars Project (ASP), where people of all ages and from all walks of life are supported to perform and experience new ideas, people and cultures as they learn and grow together.

The Performance Lab was founded and is led by Gabrielle Kurlander, ASP Founding CEO (1989-2023).

Performance can and must play a critical role in building the bridges necessary for moving our country toward a shared community and humanity. This is the role culture plays, and I am excited to be working on this new dynamic cultural platform at the All Stars Project - Gabrielle Kurlander

How it works.

Transformative Community Theatre

Performance Lab supports creative spaces where artists and audiences can engage with the relevant, and often difficult, issues of the day in the hopes of creating a shared conversation and community.

In its first year, Performance Lab contributed creatively to cultural work throughout the country, from New York City, to Dallas, Texas to Sedona, Arizona.

If you would like to learn more about Performance Lab or have any questions, please contact Dan Kelly at dkelly@allstars.org.

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