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The Future of Afterschool

The next class for the Future of Afterschool will be held in the Fall of 2020.

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Class Description

“The Future of Afterschool” is a five-week online course currently being offered by the All Stars Project to afterschool front-liners and advocates that explores concepts and issues fundamental to creatively advancing the afterschool development field. The course is timely as so many organizations in the afterschool field grapple with how to rebuild and reinvent themselves in order to move forward during an extended period of social distancing and disruption.

“The Future of Afterschool” is being led by Bonny Gildin, Ph.D. (All Stars Project), Gloria Strickland, M.A. (All Stars Project) and Carrie Lobman, Ed.D. (Rutgers University) with participation from leaders from Afterschool Development Working Group members across the country. The key concept being explored throughout the course is DEVELOPMENT – what is it and how does it get produced?

Testimonials from current members of the class:

“A major take-away [so far] was the idea that development is an ongoing process that involves taking the risk to create, perform and make mistakes and do whatever it is you need to do in order to get to a higher place of learning.” – Kenya George from BUILD NYC

“Something that stands out for me [by being in this course] is the kind of alignment we achieve when we as practitioners start to practice self-awareness and focus on development and how that manifests in the work we do.” – A’Dorian Murray-Thomas, She Wins, Inc. Newark, NJ

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