Afterschool Development Working Groups

Every working group meeting presents the opportunity for practitioners to think bigger and to develop a holistic approach to afterschool. —Gloria Lopez CEO,
Trinity River Mission Dallas; Dallas, TX

Building an Afterschool Development Movement

Over the last decade, the All Stars Project has been creating cross-sector conversations at Afterschool Development conferences and working group meetings across the country around two themes: How does afterschool help young people to develop?  How do we develop the afterschool movement?

Out of these grassroots conversations and community building activities has emerged a new movement of leaders and front-line practitioners from over 250 community, civic, faith, cultural, education and other organizations.

Afterschool Development Working Groups (ADWG) are held in Newark, Chicago and Dallas, and they give those involved a forum in which they can share challenges, make connections and deepen their understanding of Afterschool Development as an “other than school” strategy for social transformation in America.

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