All Stars featured in the Chronicle of Philanthropy cover story

Published by Christina DiChiara

Dear Friends of the All Stars,

I am pleased to share that the All Stars Project is featured in the cover story of the April issue of the Chronicle of Philanthropy, part of an in-depth series examining diversity, equity and inclusion in nonprofit fundraising. In her story, “Diversity Is Not Enough in Fundraising Offices,” and another related article, Senior Editor Eden Stiffman points to the All Stars Project as a highly successful example “for changing the culture within fundraising departments and organizations as a whole.”

Since our founding 40 years ago, the All Stars Project has prioritized a robust and unconventional path for leadership development for the organization, drawing deeply into and from the communities of color. The amazing capacities of these leaders and their support for one another and for the All Stars mission are at the heart of what we do. Whether the focus is the fundraising work—where the All Stars has proven to be a model for diversity and equity—or our frontline programs, we have succeeded in creating a culture of inclusion and impact. The articles below provide a glimpse of the recognition that we are now receiving. And we hope that our experiences will serve as a guidepost for the work of other nonprofits that are engaging these challenges.

Enclosed are links to the two articles. Please read them, share them with your networks, and take pride in these achievements.

I welcome your thoughts and feedback.


Gabrielle Kurlander