Christopher H. Street



Christopher H. Street is a leading non-profit fundraiser and business development innovator who has spent the last 25 years building the All Stars Project into a national organization.

Along with the senior management team, he played a pivotal role in expanding the ASP to six cities from coast-to-coast. Since 2000, he has directed the fundraising operations of the All Stars Project and during that time, the ASP has raised over $150 million from individual and institutional funders for Afterschool Development programs.

Mr. Street helped spearhead a $36 million, seven-year campaign that culminated in the opening of the ASP’s West 42nd Street headquarters in New York City in 2003. Additionally, he successfully led the campaign to open the Scott Flamm Center for Afterschool Development in downtown Newark, where he served as Director from 2013–2016.

As Senior Vice President, Chief Development Officer from 2017-2019, he built a diverse national fundraising department and implemented a “gold standard” training program in philanthropic partnership building. In addition to his involvement in talent development and long-term succession planning, he led efforts to advance the use of technology and digital tools for internal monitoring, external program evaluation, and deeper engagement with alumni and corporate partners. Mr. Street has played a key role in expanding the All Stars Project to new cities: Chicago in 2007 and Dallas in 2013, where he worked to build the regional boards and partnered with local leadership to drive annual growth rates of over 20%.

Mr. Street has created several new ASP initiatives including Connected Community, an on-line jobs marketplace for alumni and corporate partners, and Social Development Partners, a new training and advisory initiative using the ASP’s performance-based development approach.

Mr. Street began as an All Stars volunteer in 1992, and has a BA from the London School of Economics.


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