David Cherry

City Leader


Mr. Cherry’s extensive and first-hand knowledge of the social issues in poor African-American and Latino communities, particularly those confronting inner-city youth, has been invaluable in his work to replicate the All Stars youth development model as City Leader in Chicago. Since 2007, he has led the effort in Chicago and has successfully implemented two of its leading programs: the All Stars Talent Show Network and the Development School for Youth.

David has worked tirelessly in Chicago to build the All Star Project’s trademark partnership between business professionals and inner-city youth – a key to the growth of the Development School for Youth, and all of our programs in America’s third largest city. Mr. Cherry is also a leader in convening community leaders, educators, innovators and others in Chicago’s afterschool arena.

For more than 25 years, Mr. Cherry, a highly skilled and dedicated community organizer and activist, helped diverse communities develop around issues of democracy, social justice and inclusion. Prior to joining the All Stars Project, Mr. Cherry worked for Pitney Bowes and was office services supervisor for the Chicago law firm, Neal, Gerber & Eisenberg, LLP.

Born in Harlem, David grew up in the South Bronx just a couple of blocks from the once-infamous Charlotte Street neighborhood, a national symbol for the poverty and devastation of America’s inner cities in the 1970s.

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