2019 theatre is off to a great start!

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Our 2019 season is off to a great start! Over 7 weeks and 2 runs we will have 45 shows at our Center on 42nd Street. Make sure you come see the shows:

The Castillo Theatre is proud to present Billie, Malcolm & Yusuf, written by Fred Newman and directed by Gabrielle Kurlander. The play opens at a funeral. Among the guests mourning the passage of the “dear departed” are the great revolutionary Malcolm X, the legendary blues singer Billie Holiday, and a black teenager Yusuf Hawkins, who was murdered by a white mob in 1989. With songs, humor, powerful reminiscences, historical footage and more than a few surprises, these characters take the audience on a spellbinding journey.  

New Federal Theatre, in association with Castillo Theatre, is proud to present Looking for Leroy, written by Larry Muhammad and directed by Petronia Paley. In this two-character play, a young theatre intern and LeRoi Jones/Amiri Baraka debate fundamental questions of theatre, aesthetics and artistic expression, weighing the added responsibility of artists of color. 

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