2017 Otto René Castillo Awards for Political Theatre

  • Castillo Theatre • New York, NY
  • 2:00PM

Event Details

The Otto Awards (Executive Producer; Diane Stiles) were founded in 1998 to recognize, support and connect theatre companies and artists engaged in creating political, experimental and community-based theatre. They have been awarded to 92 theatres and individual artists from the United States, Austria, Canada, Ecuador, France, Germany, Northern Ireland, Jamaica, Japan, Pakistan, Serbia, and the United Kingdom.

The 2017 Otto Awards will honor award-winning playwright Catherine Filloux, Los Angeles-based Robey Theatre Company, which gives voice to the African American experience, and interdisciplinary artist, cultural strategist and organizer Favianna Rodriguez on Sunday, May 21, 2017.

Tickets are $75, $125, and $175

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543 West 42nd Street, New York, NY, United States
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