Afterschool Development

a new way of engaging poverty

Afterschool Development Initiatives

The All Stars Project has launched Afterschool Development Initiatives (ADI) – a set of activities, conversations, writing and research that is advancing and further shaping afterschool as a field, discipline and strategy for social transformation in America.

Working Groups

Afterschool Development Working Groups bring together leaders and frontline practitioners in the afterschool, non-profit, arts and education arenas for grassroots conversations and community building activities

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The All Stars Project and members of our working groups partner to produce Afterschool Development Conferences for cross-discipline constituents. Annual conferences are held in Newark, NJ and Chicago, Il

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Courses and Workshops

Training opportunities, white papers, conference reports, independent research and more.

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All Stars Alliance

Leaders and practitioners in the All Stars Alliance bring together youth and caring adults in cities and towns all over the world to create an international Afterschool Development community!

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Academic Partners

The value and impact of Afterschool Development is being recognized by a growing number of academic leaders and researchers across the country.

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Play it Forward

Play it Forward is a quarterly newsletter for the Afterschool Development movement which provides a forum for exploring the latest and most innovative thinking and practices in the field, and ground level perspectives

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